MoST Key State Projects Open to Non-PRC Residents

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has recently announced 7 national projects in 7 different fields, and now formally allows those with non-PRC residence status (both foreign nationals and/or residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to be put forward as the principle person in charge of the project, in either a full-time or project based capacity. For full-time employees, only employment documentation from the Chinese employer is required, while for part-time / project-based employees, employment documents from both China and abroad are required.


The 7 key areas of these national projects are: Intellectual Robotics, Common Key Technology and Application for Modern Services, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technology, Manufacturing through shared networks and Intellectual Factory, Comprehensive Transport and Intelligent Transport, Nuclear Safety and Advanced Technology, and Fundamental Manufacturing Technology and Key Components.


The MoE has also published a list of the members of the Evaluation Committees for each of the 7 key areas, and these include experts from universities, R&D institutes and industry. Each evaluation committee is comprised of 10-20 members.


To purchase details of the evaluation committees and which universities/research institutes they are from, please click here.

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