MoE Confirms Multiple Benefits for VET Collaboration

The Bureau of Vocational and Adult Education of China’s Ministry of Education (MoE) has joined other government departments (including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of HR and Social Security, and the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology) in issuing a new regulation to provide the policy grounds for VET-enterprise collaborations.


The regulation specifies that VET providers should initiate a process to establish apprenticeships with enterprises, and create a “joint training system” through establishment of joint R&D centres, training bases, and measurements for skills training evaluation.


More importantly, the regulation confirmed tax exemptions for enterprises who are investing in VET training and interns. In addition, enterprises can enjoy government incentives for R&D outcomes obtained through collaboration with VET providers, as well as the option for R&D staff to become equity holders if there are any new enterprises established through the collaboration. The regulation encourages enterprises, in particular enterprise groups, to be actively involved in VET education through collaborations by taking directorships on boards, or even through equity ownership.

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