Making Internships A Worthwhile Adventure – Insight to Virtual Work Experience

Dec 8th                     Beijing 5pm  | London 10am | Dubai 1pm  

Dec 9th                 Beijing 8am | New York 7pm ( (previous day) ) | Sydney 11am

Virtual internships are fast becoming a preferred pipeline for attracting high-quality graduate talent in the post-covid world. They also effectively empower students and graduates to bridge the gap between what they’ve learned at university with real-world industry experience.

 Join CHE’s internship webinar this December, hosted by leading internship providers InternMatch and Pagoda Projects.

Who should attend:

  • Education providers | Career office professionals
  • Students and graduates.

What you will learn:

  • Understand competencies relating to employability that virtual internships can address, and how does this compare to in-person work experience.How to guide students’ perceptions of virtual programming – expectations vs reality
  • Students feedback on the biggest challenges when completing an international, virtual internship
  • Think beyond just an internship – learn how these opportunities can provide mentorship, cultural immersion, networking, and professional training.
  • Understand how internships are managed between education providers, students, businesses, and internship service providers.
  • How to ensure accountability and engagement – Reflections on progress tracking, gamification and support methodologies for virtual programming
  • Determine what internship model works best for you and your organisation


Gerard Holland

Founder, InternMatch

Gerard is a Melbourne-based tech entrepreneur and passionate about making the unscalable scalable. A firm believer in equal rights, equal opportunity and, more importantly, equal outcomes, Gerard founded Outcome Academy, a global community focused on employment and career outcomes, and InternMatch to place students and graduates from around the world into internships globally. Gerard also co-authored the Global Internship Challenge – in partnership with the Mandela Legacy Foundation – to facilitate the placement of one million unemployed tertiary graduates into internships (as a precursor to employment).

Paul Bailey

Partnerships Manager, Pagoda Projects

Paul manages university and government partnerships for both in-person and virtual international work-integrated learning programmes on behalf of Pagoda Projects. Paul is based in Zhuhai, China and is also active in the philanthropic space in his role as Vice-Chairman of China-registered charity ‘Come Together Community’ (CTC).  He advocates the value of international experience and cultural exchange as a key contributor to the broadening of mindsets and employability.

Pagoda delivers a leading Remote Internship programme which, in addition to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) elements, includes a structured cultural mentorship, live weekly events, online courses and individualised student support.



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