Major Focus on Online Training

China’s total online youth English learning market is estimated to be worth over 70 billion US in China, despite the strong competition, it’s still the most invested in sub-sector in education.
OnlyHiEdu, a one-on-one (O2O) online training service provider targeting K-12 students, completed its A-round fund raising of RMB 60m (USD 9m), with investments from Genetic Fund and Yi Lian Fund.
Qingqing Training, an O2O platform with over 100 million registered users (self-styled as the “Airbnb of teaching/learning”) received USD 55m of funding in its D-round funding led by TAL.
Online English platform DadaABC, which focuses on education for 4-16-year olds, obtained a C-round investment of USD 100m from Tiger Global and Good Future funds. DadaABC has also initiated an anti-pirating alliance with Pearson and McGraw Hill.

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