1st Listed English Learning App From China Experiences a 28% Share Price Increase in a Day

English Learning AI App LIULISHUO (Talk Fluently), founded in 2012, reported at Nasqac in late Sept, that it experienced a 28% share price increase in the first day of trading. (NYSE: LAIX). LIULISHUO uses AI technology to predict user’s needs and has developed a number of English learning products. Its revenue in the first half of 2018 reaches over RMB200m, with over 45million registered users, including 600,000 paid users. The business today still carries a big loss. Founder WANG Yi, studied at Tsinghua for both his undergraduate and postgraduate, in addition to completing a PhD in computing from Princeton. LIULISHUO is pre-installed in all APPLE products in China and is also a recommended product by Apple Stores in many other countries.

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