Large Gap in China’s Global Education Hub Ambitions

Becoming one of the most popular study destinations for international students by 2049” was the ambitious goal set by the Chinese Education Minister, CHEN Baosheng, during the 19th People’s Congress. However education professionals are currently questioning this reality, as both international students and faculty members currently only represent 1% or less of the total higher education student/lecturer population. This is a result of many current policies and practices which have led to difficulties in obtaining information, completing university applications, obtaining visas, and securing internships and employment. Additionally, segregation of international students and domestic students commonly occurs, with fewer English courses available.  In short, much has to be changed to reach this goal.


Of the international students in China, only half are degree seekers who have come on Chinese government scholarships, and these are not necessarily high academic achievers. Although there are several regulations at the national level to attract foreign talens, as well as a number of new regional policies, these are still insufficient. “Unless we can attract top talent, we won’t become the top study destination”, says HONG Wen, Deputy Director of YuanPei Academy of Education and Science, a Shenzhen-based education policy advisory group.

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