India Tour (UG | PG)

Event Type: Hybrid Offline/Online Recruitment Fair (UG | PG)

Event Details: This tour gives you a chance to recruit in 3 major economic and cultural centres in the most rapidly growing market for international students in the world; India. The fair participants will have an opportunity not only to meet face-to-face with potential candidates but to visit local agencies between the events. In previous tours, 1200 visitors chose their abroad education programs; 35% were interested in undergrad programs and 65% in graduate programs. These fairs are a good way to meet better-qualified candidates than you may usually meet in India.

Join this tour and present your Bachelor, Master, PhD, language and summer programs, high schools and foundation programs, private and boarding schools, professional certificates, MBA, Preparation for International Exams etc. to eager students.

Spring 2022 Itinerary

March 26thNew Delhi, IndiaEUR 1940
March 27thMumbai, IndiaEUR 1940
March 29thBangalore, IndiaEUR 1940

Fall 2022 Itinerary

November 5thNew Delhi, IndiaEUR 1940
November 6thMumbai, IndiaEUR 1940
November 8thBangalore, IndiaEUR 1940



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