iEduChina High-School Recruitment Platform

About IEduChina

IEduChina is one the largest high-school direct recruitment platform in China. Partnered with 1,000+ international schools in China, and operating across 13 websites as well as numerous social media accounts, IEduChina has an average daily click rate of 200,000. The platform provides different ways to assist recruitment at high-school, language school, pathway program and undergraduate levels. Alongside of offering different promotional packages, it also present multiple online and offline recruiting fairs each year.

Annual Promotion Package

This package allows your institution to be displayed on the platform through both a designated webpage and WeChat synchronized postings, amplifying the impact and power of your promotion. There is no limit on the amount of content or number of posts you can make throughout the year. Pricing for the annual promotional package is as follows:

  • First Year: RMB24,500 (USD3,500)
  • Following years: RMB20,000 (USD2,850)
Special promotion Package

As an additional add-on to the annual promotion package, this package boosts the promotion of your institution by the release of feature content. The feature content includes an interview video (with the institutions’s senior management, renowned academics, current students and alumni) as well as a feature story to enhance your marketing impact. 
Price: RMB12,600 or USD1,800.

Online Recruiting Fair 

This tailored livestream recruiting fair will be promoted through the platform’s online channels. 100+ registered attendance guaranteed.
Price: RMB30,000 or USD4,350

Social Media Community Fair

This tailored livestream recruiting fair will be promoted through the platform’s online channels. An attendance of 100+ registered attendees is guaranteed. 

Price: RMB20,000 or USD2,900

More information

To register your institution for the IEduChina platform, or to find out more, please fill out the following form, our friendly staff will be in contact shortly,


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