Hong Kong Education Philanthropist Passes Away

Dr. TIN Ka Ping, who is often referred as the father of hundreds of Chinese schools and universities, has passed away at the age of 99, according to the TIN Ka Ping Foundation. Dr. TIN, a Guangdong native, received very little education himself and worked in Vietnam and Indonesia for over 20 years; he made his fortune through plastic and leather manufacturing in Hong Kong.


Dr. TIN started his philanthropic activities in the 80s, and donated to 93 universities and 166 primary schools, as well as a number of VET schools, kindergartens and rural libraries. It is said that TIN donated 80% of his assets, or over RMB 1billion (USD149m), to education in mainland China. TIN received a Member of the British Empire (M.B.E) from the Queen of England in the 90s, and he is one of only 5 Chinese people in the world who have an asteroid named after them. Throughout his life, TIN received many honorable Doctorates, academic awards, and citizenships from various universities and municipal governments.

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