Georgia Tech Shenzhen Program Expands to Joint Institute

Georgia Tech Shenzhen Institute (GTSI), a joint institute set up with Tianjin University, has started recruiting its first cohort of Masters students since receipt of its official approval by the MOE in March last year. This joint institute is an extension of the original Masters joint program which began in 2013. 60% of the student cohort are from mainland China and 40% from elsewhere, including the US. The joint institute offers disciplines in Electronics and Computer Science, Big Data, Environmental Engineering and Industrial Design. It recruits through both an “independent recruiting” system as well as the Chinese Master-entry system. The tuition fee is approx. USD21,000 on top of the standard Chinese tuition. The program has an annual recruiting cap of 428 Masters’ students (and 20 PhD students). All degrees issued are equivalent to degrees issued at the US home campus.

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