Georgia Tech and Tianjin University Launch Joint Masters in Shenzhen

Georgia Tech (GT) and Tianjin University have joined forces to launch a new Master of Science degree program in electrical and computer engineering (MS ECE) at the Shenzhen Virtual University Park in Guangdong province. The program was approved by the MOE last year, with classes to begin later this year. Admission and degree requirements will be the same as those at Georgia Tech’s home campus in Atlanta. Georgia Tech is responsible for student admission, course instruction and degree granting, with GT faculty to teach in Shenzhen on a rotational basis, and Tianjin University will supply administrative, logistical, staff and student support. Around 25-50 students are expected to enroll in the program this year and this is expected to grow to 120 students over the next three years. Among enrolled students, up to 20 students will be eligible to receive both the Georgia Tech MS ECE degree and a Tianjin University Masters degree in a related discipline, while the remaining students (up to 100) will be awarded with on one degree – the Georgia Tech MS ECE degree.

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