Four Receive China’s Nobel Prize – the Future Science Price

The Future Science Prize award committee has just announced its 5th award winners. Positioned as China’s Nobel Prize, the award is open to scientists of any citizenship whose research has been conducted in the Greater China region and has had a significant global influence. The award’s  US$1million prize went to this year’s winners Kwok-Yun YUEN and Joseph Sriyal Malik Peiris from Hong Kong University for their discovery of SARs-Cov-1 in 2003; ZHANG Jie from Shanghai Jiaotong and Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) received the Physical Sciences Award; Simon Sze, from Taiwan Yangming Transportation University, received the Maths and Computer Award. The awards are sponsored by a number of scientists and business people including Robin (Yanhong) LI Baidu, Neil (Nanpeng) SHEN from Hongshan Investment, Victor WANG (Qiang) and Bob (Xiaoping) XU from Zhenge Fund, Pony (Huadeng) Ma from Tencent, and William (Lei) DING from Netease. Over 20 scientists had received this award since 2016.

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