Foreign Students Permitted to Enter China

After two years of restrictive Covid-Zero policy, from Aug 24th, China will accept visa applications from international students who wish to study on campus.  As for APAC cardholders, they may enter China without an additional visa application. 

A seven-day hotel quarantine required plus three days of stay-at-home observation is still compulsory. Anyone flying into China must also face the uncertainty of flight cancellation due to China’s harsh “circuit breaker policy” – if more than five Covid-positive tests result from one airline within a week, that airline will be penalised by a lower seat-occupancy rate and flight frequency.

Nearly 500,000 international students were studying in China pre-COVID. Chinese official media Global Times stated that allowing the return of international students doesn’t mean that China is ready to give up its Covid-Zero policy.  Singapore Chinese Media Zaobao (Morning News) also predicted that there will be no significant policy change until the 2023 Chinese New Year holidays in late January.

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