First Human Trial for COVID Vaccine Conducted

Chinese Military Chief Bio-Scientist, Female General CHEN Wei, took control of Wuhan’s World Standard PC4 Biolab after the outbreak, and the lab is working towards the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Media in Hong Kong and Mainland China reported that General CHEN’s team started human vaccine trials in early March with 36 volunteers. The first 10 volunteers have all completed their first 28 days of the trail, and all have developed antibodies. The Chinese Joint Prevention and Control Committee Mechanism of the State Council announced the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine development in China in March. According to WANG Zhijun, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China’s development of the vaccine has been tackled from five different technical directions, of which 8 vaccines have gone through the evaluation by CAS, some are already in the animal testing stage, and more clinical trials are expected in April. 

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