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The International Ranking Race: Remain or Quit

Published June 2022: There are six Chinese universities in the global top 100 based on THE ranking (see above) and only three (Tsinghua, Peking and Shanghai Jiaotong) based on US News. There is much debate over the fairness of established international ranking…Continue reading

No Choice but a Sharp Turn – New Directions for China’s Training Conglomerates

Published April 2022: After months of anxious speculation, the final hammer came down in July 2021 far more ruthlessly than expected: it was “Black Monday” for China’s after-school training sector. In this feature, we look at the steps now being taken by three conglomerates: New Oriental, TAL and Gaotu …Continue reading

China’s “Bloodletting” Reform to Release Tutorial Burden & Pain

Published September 2021: Guidelines restricting after-school tutoring released by the General Office of the State Council in China in July caused stock prices of Chinese education companies to plummet, with some losing 70% of their value overnight. Under the new regulations, no …Continue reading

Underlying Factors in the Trend of Chinese Overseas Study

Published April 2021: In 2020 the UK surpassed the US for the first time as Chinese students’ most preferred study destination. Asian countries, Canada, and some small European countries have also gained market share …Continue reading

Credit Transfer or Joint Program – How to Determine Which One Is More Suitable?

Published November 2020: As the objective of a credit transfer program is to relocate students to study on the offshore campus, the students’ capability to study abroad (academic score and financial backing) is the key …Continue reading

Can Joint Programs Still be a Driving Engine for Student Recruiting in China?

Published October 2020: After CHE’s two webinar sessions on the topic of Joint Programs in Sept, we realized a mist still shrouds the space of Transnational Education (TNE). Hence, we decided to run …Continue reading

China International Education Overview: Jan – June 2020 Report

Published July 2020: From the Editor: While Wuhan was under lock-down nearly 6 months ago, anyone who predicted there would be a global …Continue reading

MOE: No Longer Pushing the Quantity of Inbound International Students

With 500,000 international students in 2019, China has become the 3rd largest study destination in the world, taking 8% of internationally mobilized students, …Continue reading

COVID-19 Updates

Published May 2020: The Opening Up of China Impact on China’s Education SectorFrom the Editor The Opening Up of China By the end …Continue reading

COVID-19 Updates

Published April 2020 Chinese Students Currently Staying at their Study Destination Impact on InstitutionsInside China: Light at the End of the Tunnel? Chinese …Continue reading

Obedience – a Path to Freedom

Published March 2020 If there was a book titled “The Human Response to The Coronavirus”, we would only just be starting the second …Continue reading

Epidemic Special

Published February 2020 The Beginning The Chinese Government Response The Impact What Happened During SARs in 2003? From the Editorial The Beginning Based …Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing in China

Published November 2019 My Product or Program is Apolitical, So Why Doesn’t My Site Work? Search Engine: Baidu and Beyond SEO in China …Continue reading


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