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China International Education Overview: Jan – June 2020 Report

Published July 2020 From the Editor: While Wuhan was under lock-down nearly 6 months ago, anyone who predicted there would be a global …Continue reading

MOE: No Longer Pushing the Quantity of Inbound International Students

With 500,000 international students in 2019, China has become the 3rd largest study destination in the world, taking 8% of internationally mobilized students, …Continue reading

COVID-19 Updates

Published May 2020 The Opening Up of China Impact on China’s Education SectorFrom the Editor The Opening Up of China By the end …Continue reading

COVID-19 Updates

Published April 2020 Chinese Students Currently Staying at their Study Destination Impact on InstitutionsInside China: Light at the End of the Tunnel? Chinese …Continue reading

Obedience – a Path to Freedom

Published March 2020 If there was a book titled “The Human Response to The Coronavirus”, we would only just be starting the second …Continue reading

Epidemic Special

Published February 2020 The Beginning The Chinese Government Response The Impact What Happened During SARs in 2003? From the Editorial The Beginning Based …Continue reading

SPECIAL FEATURE: What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing in China

Published November 2019 My Product or Program is Apolitical, So Why Doesn’t My Site Work? Search Engine: Baidu and Beyond SEO in China …Continue reading

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