Duke Kunshan University’s Recruitment Goes Global

2018 will be the first year that Kunshan Duke University recruits undergraduate students. The program aims to recruit 175 Chinese students from 12 cities and provinces through the Gaokao, with a goal of recruiting from the whole of China by 2020. The exchange opportunities offered at Duke’s US campus, which waive the usual US tuition fees, form one of the highlights of its recruitment campaigns. DKU will invite applicants to join an open day and develop comprehensive reports based on observations. The university has declared that it will choose students who exhibit outstanding communication skills, inquisitiveness, a strong interest in studying inter-discipline subjects, are willing to take risks, and have a strong sense of social responsibility. DKU is also actively recruiting students from outside of China, offering programs that include two semesters of study abroad. Denis Simon, Executive Vice Chancellor, says the University is witnessing more and more students from the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Japan applying to study at DKU.

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