Digital Marketing in China: The Baidu-niverse

Chinese users value real reviews from real people:
– Baidu Baike is a similar product to Wikipedia. Baike is accessible in Mainland China and has 15 times more articles written in Chinese than Wikipedia. Content on Baike is user-generated and user-moderated with administrative approval to avoid politically sensitive, too commercial or insufficiently noteworthy information.
– Baidu Zhidao is a similar concept to Yahoo answers. If you want to give yourself a small boost, create thoughtfully phrased questions around your brand, product, or services. Answers need to be tactically provided to receive positive reviews.
– Baidu Jingyan is a popular blog platform where users post experiences of how to solve a problem or accomplish a specific task. Jingyan users post longer form “answers” first, whereas Zhidao follows a Q&A format.
– Baidu Wenku is a public platform for sharing documents and books that was launched in 2009. Baidu Tieba is often compared to a Chinese Reddit, and it is China’s largest online forum community. Similar to Reddit, there’s a “hot topics” bar. Tianya also fulfils a similar need.
– Douban was launched in 2005 and is a Chinese social network that allows users to give and receive recommendations for films, books, music, news, and activities in Chinese cities. Most of the content on Douban is more niche-focused than other Chinese social media platforms. Although Douban is not owned by Baidu, it often ranks highly on Baidu.

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