Digital Marketing in China: SEO

The goal of SEO, short for search engine optimization, is to have a certain website appear in search engine results for designated related keywords. Here are some tips to optimize Chinese search engines:

  • Have a simplified Chinese-language website and avoid using other languages including traditional Chinese characters. The ability of most local search engines to index and read foreign languages is limited, and they heavily favour results in simplified Chinese.
  • These keywords must be included in naturally occurring language to be effective.
  • Baidu likes metatags, images with alt text, H 1 tags that match the title of the page. Also, bear in mind that Baidu’s crawlers aren’t quite as sophisticated as Google’s, so make sure your keywords appear at the start of your page or article. Create new content regularly and avoid plagiarizing. Baidu hates duplicate content.
  • Engage in popular Chinese information portals that are relevant to what you offer: Q&A platforms, discussion groups, blogs, and even old school BBS. On Baidu, Zhidao (Q&A) and Tieba (discussion) end up ranking highly because they are themselves Baidu products. Engaging on these sorts of pages can also serve as a sort of free micro-advertisement as well.

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