Digital Marketing in China: My Product or Program is Apolitical, So Why Doesn’t My Site Work?

Outright blockage of a website is rare: only 10,000 of the world’s 329 million domains are blocked in China. The good news is that it’s unlikely your entire website is blocked. The bad news is that nearly all of your social media accounts are invisible in China since the majority of Western social media platforms are blocked, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. More often, a page on a website is blocked in a particular place for a certain amount of time. Many of these more granular decisions are automated through AI and algorithms. Chinese users commonly find a website “broken” due to the site not working well in China. Two complaints are most common: slow load times or blocked media. Many universities and companies abroad post files, pictures, and videos on Amazon Web Services or Google-based services. This results in your website theoretically working in China, but the pictures and videos that are supposed to make up the user’s first impression of your website don’t appear. Forms like application documents or interest forms can load extremely slowly or not work at all. The data traffic is bottlenecked by the need to monitor traffic. 

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