Chinese Students Abroad Up by 3.6% in 2013

According to the MOE, close to 413,900 Chinese students went abroad to study in 2013. While this represented an annual increase of 3.6 per cent from 2012, growth among Chinese students moving overseas to study has slowed noticeably in recent years, with annual growth between 2008 and 2012 averaging much higher at close to 23 per cent. In contrast, the number of Chinese students returning home to live and seek employment jumped by almost 30 per cent in 2013 to around 353,500.

Chinese abroad

Looking to China, 356,499 overseas students from more than 200 different countries studied on the mainland last year, representing an increase of 8.6 per cent from the previous year. The bulk of these students came from South Korea, US, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

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