Chinese Student Visa Status Updates

Three major study destinations for Chinese students have all experienced visa policy changes during 2018.


The UK extended its implied approach (referred to as the Tier4 approach) to a total of 27 selected universities (up from last year’s total of 4 top tier universities). This means that students who apply for these 27 universities do not need to submit financial information, English capability, or academic results (but these documents do need to be ready if requested), and will also have an additional 6 months to job search after graduation. 


The USA’s change in tax policy at the end of 2017 removed the Master / PhD student fee waiver (particularly for STEM students) and this funding is now considered as income. The one year OPT (Optional Practical Training) visa offered to international students now requires students to find an internship within 60 days of graduation.


Canada has also significantly lowered the requirement of funding guarantee, and students now only need to prove they have one year of expenses (where it was previously required for the full length of study). Canada also previously required a USD119,000 study fund guarantee to study at high-school level, and some agents are expecting a skyrocket in the numbers of Chinese students studying at Canadian High Schools.


Further information about Australia, the EU and New Zealand in the next edition of CHE’s News Bulletin (Edition 44).

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