Chinese Student Visa Status Updates (Cnt’d from NB43)

The EU offers a 1-1.5 year post-study work visa and tuition waivers in some universities. Furthermore, some universities offer international students the same housing and meal subsidies as local students.


Australia requires further information to prove that a student’s intention is study, but has provided more flexible part-time working options, and offered significantly longer periods for post-study work (2-4 years depending on the level of study). The total period for guaranteed study funding has been reduced to 1.5 years for a first-timer, and the period in which the deposit is required has also reduced from 6 to 3 months.


New Zealand offers an Express Visa service which particularly benefits students taking pathway programs (for a maximum of 5 years) and has also relaxed the visa for post study;  international PhD students are now receiving a number of the same benefits as domestic students, including spousal working rights and children’s education.

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