Chinese Joint Institute MoU in Malaysia

Following the overseas expansion of a series of high-end Chinese education providers, private education groups are now targeting the needs of the lower end of the market in order to meet demand.


High-end expansions include Tsinghua’s Global Innovation Exchange Institute (GIX), jointly invested in by Microsoft in Seattle (2015) and  Huifeng Business School’s (HSBC-Peking hybrid) Oxfordshire (UK) campus, as well as a number of acquisitions by Chinese private education groups in the UK and North America.


In addition, the Yunnan Nanfang Education Investment Group recently signed an MoU to establish a joint institute with Malaysia’s Southern University College in April. The two joint programs will be in accounting, finance, and investment and will provide a bridge to connect undergraduate and Master’s degrees. The aim is to provide an “affordable study abroad path” for ordinary families. This is the 2nd offshore joint institute Yunnan Nanfang has established; the first being with North Chiang Mai University. Yunnan Nanfang has also been engaged in degree education with Chinese public universities through independent institutes (also referred to as 2nd tier institutes), VET and K-12.


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