Chinese Education Institutions Going Abroad

According to Xiamen University’s Sino-Foreign Joint Program Research Centre, a total of 128 Chinese programs have been established in 14 countries, including 4 institutes. The Shanghai Jiaotong Singapore Post-Graduate Institute, established in 2002 (partnering with Nanyang S&T University in Singapore), was the very first postgraduate institute outside of China. Established in 2003, Jinan University’s Bangkok International Institute was the first offshore institute to enroll full-time undergraduate students.


Beijing and Shanghai TCM Schools have each established a number of offshore teaching centres. Noticeable offshore programs include Xiamen University’s campus in Malaysia, Tsinghua University’s Global Innovation Exchange Institute (GIX) in the US and Peking University’s Tokyo Institute.


The MoE removed the requirement of administrative approval for Chinese entities establishing programs outside China in 2015, but an endorsement from the State Council Degree Commission is still required to offer Chinese degrees.

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