China Tightens Up Control on Foreign Teachers

Despite the strong demand for foreign teachers, China is tightening up the control of foreign teacher assignments. This move is as a result of several incidents including the deportation of a foreign teacher for a child sexual abuse case in their home country and the first trial of two Chinese nationals charged with committing fraud on foreign teacher documentation to secure a work permit. Although some regions seem to be more relaxed than others, in principle, all foreign teachers require teaching qualifications and a minimum of 3 years’ work experience.


Language teachers are also required to hold TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, or TKT certifications. It is common knowledge that kindergartens, schools and even universities have hired teachers who are simply native English speakers or even just Caucasians. It is believed by some industry insiders that it’s unrealistic to expect sufficiently qualified and experienced teachers to be willing to work in China under the current circumstances, and the industry is suffering a severe foreign teacher shortage as a result. This may provide an even greater opportunity for online training and delivery, otherwise a significant price adjustment needs to be made to enable employers to offer more better-compensated packages.

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