China Struggling to Promote Pediatric Education & Training

With a goal of 0.6 pediatricians for every 1,000 children by 2020 (a target total of 258,000 pediatricians, where there are currently 118,000 across the country), China has only seen an extra 5,000 registered pediatricians over the last 15 years. Some hospitals no longer offer pediatric emergency services due to the shortage of pediatricians. For decades, Chinese universities have not been recruiting students for the field of pediatrics at the undergraduate level, focusing only on post-graduate level. From 2017 however, 20 medical schools will start recruiting pediatric students at the undergraduate level and it is expected that those with lower academic results will be allowed entry to ensure enrolment targets are met. It is hoped that improved salaries, increased legal protection and better working environments will eventually provide a turning point for more people to enter into the medical industry, and for more doctors to remain within their profession.

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