China Recruiting Survey – Benchmarking Your Own Performance

Share yours and learn from others

Learn the recruiting status and dynamics in the post-COVID period, benchmark your performance against the industry. 

Who can participate:

·              education providers (HE, VAT, language, Pathway & K-12);

·              recruiting agents;

·              other education organizations (industry bodies and government departments).

How long the survey will take:

·              Up to 2 minutes

Cut-off deadline: Wednesday, 30th November 2022

When the result will be available to participants: Middle of December 2022


1. Who should participate:

Individuals working for education providers (HE, VAT, language & Pathway & K-12), recruiting agents and other organizations (industry bodies and government departments) who have the knowledge of China recruiting. 

2. Do you have to be a recruiting officer to participate in the survey?

No, as long as you are close enough to the recruiting outcomes/forecast of students recruiting from China, you only need to fill in the information you are aware of and receive back the equivalent. 

3. Do I have to provide my real name and organization?

Yes, it’s to ensure the responsibility of the data provider so we can get a more accurate picture. Your information will be kept confidential. CHE reserves the rights of using the data / omitting the data if the name/organization is not genuine. 

4. Is there a constraint on how many people from one organization can participate? 

No. However CHE reserves the right of information bundling and omitting to ensure the best quality of the information.

All previous surveys are closed.


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