China Joint Program/Credit Program Survey

Share yours and learn from others

It’s estimated that at least 4,000 joint programs/credit transfer programs operate in China. Whether your institution is currently operating in this field or still in the feasibility research stage, it’s vital to stay in tune with the best industry practices, have a clear awareness of the trends and status, be able to benchmark your institution’s performance and be well-equipped for any possible changes and adjustments. 

We will distribute a report on the results of the survey to all survey participants. For institutions, the only way to receive the survey report is by participating in the survey. 

Who can participate?

· Education providers (HE, VET & pathway) 

How long will the survey take?  

· Up to 3 minutes

Cut-off deadline: Friday, 14 October, 2022

Cost of survey report: Free for participants

When will the results be available to participants? Middle of November 2022


1. Can I participate if my university isn’t currently operating any joint program / credit transfer program?

Most of the questions address institutions that already have experience with such programs. However, there are questions also designed for universities that do not. The simple answer is YES that you can participate and receive the reports regardless of your experience in this field. 

2. Do I have to provide my name and organisation?

Yes, that is to ensure the reliability of data provided so we can obtain a more accurate picture. Your information will be kept confidential. 

3. Is there any limit on how many people from one organisation can participate?

No. However, CHE reserves the right to bundle or omit information to ensure the highest quality of any information. 


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