China International Education Overview: Jan – June 2020 Report

Published July 2020

From the Editor:

While Wuhan was under lock-down nearly 6 months ago, anyone who predicted there would be a global pandemic sounded like an absurd maniac. On CHE’s February issue this year (Edition 58), we quoted three likely outcomes by Dr. Zhang Wenhong, Chief Physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of Shanghai Huashan Hospital:

  1. The most positive outcome would be for the situation to be under control by April/May;
  2. The most negative outcome would be for the situation to be out of control and start spreading worldwide;
  3. Largely under control and remain in China for another 6-12 months. Unfortunately, the worst prediction for the world has become our reality today, with the worst possibility still lingering over China.

At first, we were spectating a tragic story from a distance, then we became part of it. While many lives have been lost and more are impacted, most of us are showing meagre empathy and are willing to let them turn into cold statistics. Regardless of where we are at the bell curve, we’ve come to accept that the COVID-19 re-shaped world is the world that we will be living in in the foreseeable future. We are all under a global siege, surrounded by an invisible virus and emerging biases; our perceptions are being questioned, our own trusted systems are being tested. It’s time to include significant changes in our plan; to re-define our direction, adjust our priority, we need to understand the changing environment we are dealing with.

Table of Contents


General impact on Domestic Students in China

Fewer Graduate jobs

Expanded Domestic UG|PG|PhD Recruiting

R&D Funding Cut

Impact on Language Training/Online Learning

Joint Programs Become More Attractive

Declined Study Abroad Interests

Chinese Students Currently Enrolled in Overseas Programs

Education Investment Updates


Top Discipline Vs. Top University

Decentralization Management

Joint Program

The “4+0” Model on the Rise

Chinese Joint Programs Offshore


US “Entity List” Cut Off Students and Researchers from 13 Chinese Universities from Fundamental Software Accessing

COVID-19 Related R&D


Preferential Policies on Flexible Teaching and Enrollment

Institutions Upgrading VET Diploma to Bachelor Degree


Challenges Imposed by COVID-19 Pandemic

K-12 Policy Change: Cross-Region Recruiting Has Been Capped

Pricing Policy

New Entrants



Four Sub-segments

Studying at UG Level

Studying at PG Level

Pandemic Impact on Agents

Challenges for Chinese to Study Abroad in 2020/2021:

2020 Study White Paper and Data

New Oriental’s White Paper

Providence Study Abroad Parents White Paper

Digital Marketing             

Note:this section is comprised of table and graphs only

  • The Most Popular App for Education Providers to Use for Their Marketing in Q1 2020
  • Education Promotion on Different Media Whole Selling Channels by Sector
  • TenCent Study Abroad Data
    • The Most Commonly Used Apps by Chinese Students Studying Abroad
    • The Most Visited Websites by Chinese Students Studying Abroad
  • Weighted Index On the Usage of Agencies’ Different Services
  • K-12 Students Survey: Source of Study Abroad Information

Total Number of Pages of the Half Year Report: 24 pages (includes multiple tables and graphs)

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