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About the Workshop

Date and Time

The Sessions


About the Workshop

As schools and institutions around China continue to operate online and restrict campus events and visits, effective digital marketing in China has gone from an important tool in the recruitment toolkit to the one tool many universities have remaining. In the long term, COVID-19 has the potential to transform the work of recruitment and marketing, as more schools and students become comfortable with virtually experiencing interactions traditionally done offline, such as campus visits, conference meetings, and university fairs. 

By completing this workshop, you can expect to be able to:

  • Craft or adapt a digital marketing strategy in China that exploits your institution’s comparative advantages.
  • Make better informed decisions about which platforms to focus on, developing an annual posting strategy, and refining your brand voice on each platform.
  • Conduct effective organic and inorganic campaigns.
  • Improving ROI by consistently posting content that captivates your audience.
  • Earn a certificate of completion of training from CHE. 

Date and Time: 

The workshop spans 5 sessions of 80 minutes each. Participants may choose either stream;

  • Stream A: Every Wednesday 9AM Beijing Time. May 6, 13, 20, 27, and June 3
  • Stream B: Every Thursday, 10PM Beijing time. May 7, 14, 21, 29, and June 4

The Sessions

Session 1: Getting Started and Adapting Your Digital Marketing in China in Uncertain Times

There are so many Chinese digital marketing tools out there, from a constellation of social media networks, to digital news platforms and third party accounts, to search platforms that can push traffic to a website.  What are the differences? How can you decide the best fit tool for your institution given your size, offerings, and comparative advantages? How does COVID-19 fit into all of this, and how can you adapt if you have a robust digital presence already?

Session 2: Douyin and Tiktok Together are Now the World’s Most Downloaded Apps. What Does the Short Video Revolution Mean for Recruitment?

Not everyone has access to a TV or video games, but in China, almost everyone has a smartphone. Strong momentum before the outbreak combined with boredom during lengthy quarantines in China caused hundreds of millions in China to download Douyin/TikTok. Unlike TikTok at home, Douyin in China isn’t all fun and games (and silly dances): it’s increasingly becoming a platform for sharing more serious, informative content. Global higher ed has been slow to take notice and reach these hundreds of millions of users. How can your institution be an early adopter and pick the low hanging fruits on this exciting platform?

Session 3: Beyond the Boring 60 Minute Zoom-inar: Giving Fun and Exciting Virtual Information Sessions

With the rising number of webinars offered around the world in response to travel limitations and school closures, universities have quickly migrated information sessions online. Yet early feedback from these sessions is mixed: students complain of technical glitches, uninteresting content, and poor timing. How can you give excellent virtual information sessions? How can you leverage your current Chinese students and alumni to offer genuine perspectives on life on your campus? And what are some things you can do with your virtual info session that engage your audience and keep their attention?

Session 4: We registered a WeChat or Weibo official account. Now What? Crafting of Captivating Content.

Many universities may have already registered official account on Wechat or Weibo, but posting interesting, well-planned content, with a consistent voice, continuously for years is challenging. This session explores ways to plan content in the long term so that you can post with purpose, and then we explore how to craft interesting and engaging content, drawing from case studies of accounts we think are worth watching.

Session 5: Measuring Performance and Technical Challenges in China

Each year (or perhaps each week!), leadership is eager to see performance measures: how well are your campaigns going? Marketing departments that work primarily on Google and Facebook are sometimes surprised at how different analytics and measurement works on Chinese platforms. In this session, you will be learning about measurements options, understanding the differences between Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics, the importance of Baidu SEO, and some 3rd Party tools that can help you get more visibility.


Per Registration Per Institutions (3 logins)
Full Package (5 Sessions) USD580 USD1,566
Any 4 Sessions USD500 USD1,350
Any 3 Sessions USD450 USD1,215
Single session only USD210 USD567
Additional session / addendees (not purchased in bulk) USD180 USD486

Note: Institutions may send differet personnel to attend different sessions. CHE members / Early bird registration each receive 10% discount. Early bird registrition deadline: April 10th. 



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