Join CHE Working Committee (Beijing)

CHE welcomes professional volunteers to be part of the CHE Working Committee in China. Interested applicants should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Agree with CHE’s objectives;
  • Having worked in the international education sector for minimum 3 years;
  • Able to spend up to 2 hrs per month in discussing/engaging in CHE-related matters;
  • Able to attend 50% of CHE committee meetings (face-to-face or online);
  • Your organization is a member of CHE or you are a CHE individual member (for more information on CHE members please click here);

Please fill the form below to indicate your initial interest and we will get in touch with you within 2 weeks.

Please note: Committee member positions are limited and are subject to vacancies and the balance of geographical and industry interests.

Whether you are representing education institutions, government and industry bodies or service providers – all are welcome!

Expression of Interest

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