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CHE会员俱乐部向所有教育相关机构及专业人士开放,其核心理念是:连接 · 分享 · 提高。CHE有权拒绝不适于加入CHE会员俱乐部的机构和个人, 在这种情况下将返还已缴会员费用。

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    Membership 会员

    Individual membership of the CHE Club is open to all professionals in the tertiary education industry (whether education institutions, service providers or other organisations).

    CHE Club’s core value is “connecting/sharing/improving”. For applicants who are considered detrimental to or not appropriate for the CHE community, CHE Management reserves the right to reject or cancel the application, in which case a full-refund will be offered.

    CHE会员俱乐部向所有教育相关机构及专业人士开放,其核心理念是:连接 · 分享 · 提高。CHE有权拒绝不适于加入CHE会员俱乐部的机构和个人, 在这种情况下将返还已缴会员费用。

    Disclaimer of Liability 免责

    CHE will strive to provide valuable and useful information and services to its members and the education community. CHE is not liable for any decisions taken based on information/data provided through its events, publications or website.


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