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The CHE Club is an exclusive membership group for international and Chinese education institutions and organisations that are keen to engage with the education industry in China.  Members have access to a wealth of promotional, informational and access benefits that will improve their China-focused education collaborations.

Why Join?

If China is one of your strategic target markets, you need access to information, contacts, resources, promotion and marketing channels. The CHE Club provides you with this access through our regular events, nationwide network and series of publications.  This will help enhance your understanding of the local environment and its policies and will minimize any risk to your organisation.

Who Should Join?

Chinese Education Institutions Overseas Education Institutions K-12 | VET | Recruitment Agencies Pathway & Language Training Providers Research Centres | Government Programs Industry Associations Exam & Qualification Providers EduTech Platforms & Providers

Membership Types & Benefits

Organisational Membership

  1.  Extend Your Branding & Promotion Opportunities (in China and overseas)
    • … through our events, publications and channels;
  2.  Promote Your Events & Programs (in China and overseas)
    • … reach over 2,000 Chinese education institutions or 4,000 overseas education organisations with 2 free posts in our Chinese language B2B publication (ChinaEduConnect) or 2 free posts in our English language News Bulletin;
  3. Support Your China-based Events
    • … on-the-ground logistical support services to help you deepen existing relationships, nurture potential leads and maintain contacts;
  4.  Attend CHE Events at Preferential Rates
    • … Discount on CHE events and selected co-hosted events; 
    • … Free access to Webinars;
  5. Job Postings
    • … unlimited free international education job postings (during membership) through ChinaEduConnect;
    • OR two free job postings (one position per posting) in our English language News Bulletin. (Additional positions and postings are subject to an additional charge of USD250 per position);
Membership Fees: US$450 or 3,100 RMB per year

Individual Membership

  1.  Referral of Relevant China Opportunities
    • … such as guest-speaker or lectures;
  2.   Personal Profiling and Exposure to Chinese Education Industry
    • … through posts across CHE’s social media channels and our Chinese language B2B publication, ChinaEduConnect;
  3.  Attend CHE Events at Preferential Rates:
    • … minimum 10% off CHE events and CHE co-hosted events;
    • … Free access to all webinars
Membership Fees: US$180 or 1,200 RMB per year

Join the CHE Club

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Our Members

CHE Club members and partners include: CHEmembers

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