CHE Alumni & Advancement Workshop Series Past Sessions

Session 1: Trends in Alumni Engagement

Sept 22nd , 2021 Wed 9 PM Beijing time (12 AM AEST)

Sept 23rd , 2021 Thurs 9 AM Beijing time (12PM AEST)

This session summarised today’s trends in alumni relations including:

  • digital engagement
  • metrics and use of performance tools
  • increased global focus
  • alumni partnerships: ambassadors and agents

In this general opening session, the panellists explored how these four trends in alumni engagement developed before and during the pandemic, and the impact of each through unique cultures and case studies. This session included an open Q&A period.   

Each of these four topics will be explored in greater detail through future sessions in this new CHE Alumni & Advancement webinar series. 

Series 2: Digital Engagement

Unlocking the Power of Digital Engagement and Communities

Nov 4th, 2021 Thurs 8 AM Beijing time (11 AM AEST)

Nov 4th, 2021, Thurs 5 PM Beijing time (8 PM AEST)

Across the world, our timetables for planning in-person alumni events are varied. Regardless, the experience of the last couple of years has exposed us to the potential and power of digital engagement. Digital activities provide a tremendous platform from which to initiate, amplify and scale up engagement. Virtual engagement supports the building of alumni communities across industries, regions and causes, with the added ability for alumni to self-organise.

This workshop will explore digital engagement, its strengths, its challenges, how to implement a successful digital strategy, and how to leverage alumni communities in the digital realm.

The Speakers & Panellists:

Mark Sollis,
D3 Advancement Studio and Neutopia

Having served in leadership roles in higher education in Canada and the UK, he works closely with institutions and colleagues in the areas of strategy and planning; stakeholder engagement, including digital engagement; metrics and performance management; and organisational development. His post-secondary experience also includes media relations; student leadership; finance; major project management; as well as serving as strategic counsel to higher education executives.

Mark is a proud graduate of Mount Royal with a Bachelor of Applied Communications (Journalism).

First having worked remotely beginning in 2009, 95 per cent of his practice is now conducted online across Australia, Asia-Pacific, Canada and the United States.

Gretchen Dobson, EdD
Global Engagement Specialist

Gretchen Dobson is a global engagement strategist, author and academic with 28 years of experience working across six continents. Dobson advises CEOs, governing boards, embassies and policymakers on best practices in digital and other creative strategies and solutions that enable institutions, companies, organizations and governments to identify, track, engage, and manage relationships with their global stakeholders and brand ambassadors.

Dobson is the author and editor of multiple books on international alumni topics.

Dobson received her BA and MA from Boston College, and her EdD from the University of Pennsylvania. She holds adjunct faculty appointments with the University at Albany and Endicott College’s Graduate Schools of Education. She is based in New South Wales, Australia.


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