CCG Study Abroad 2017 Report Released

The Chinese Center for Globalization (CCG) recently released its Study Abroad Report for 2017. Statistics showed that high numbers of Chinese students are terminating their study abroad early, with nearly 40% citing poor academic performance, and another 33% as a result of academic dishonesty. The report also indicated an overall decline in the quality of graduates due to their large numbers, and that many are now facing career obstacles as a result of the rapidly changing necessary skill-sets.

The increased international talent pool, as a result of the accumulation of Chinese students studying abroad, was also analysed in the report and a number of top returning talents were listed, including eight Harvard PhD graduates who returned to China as part of the CAS talent import plan over the last 8 years and are all now working in CAS’s Hefei Material Science R&D Institute. YAO Qizhi, the only Chinese researcher who has received the Turing Award (in 2000), has renounced his Taiwan and US citizenship to become a (mainland) Chinese citizen. Shenzhen-based Stanford PhD graduate LIU Zihong was also noted in the report for building a USD30 billion tech company in just four years.

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