The 3rd Beijing International Exhibition + Agents Workshop

October 15th, 2019

Chateau Star River, Beijing, China

Organizers: Beijing Overseas Study Service Association (BOSSA)
China Overseas Study Service Association (COSSA)


The 3rd Beijing International Education Exhibition is a unique international education exchange where BOSSA and COSSA invite quality international educators and student service providers to meet and interact with 150+ quality-approved agencies from all over China in this one-on-one workshop event, to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones. Limited to 50 educators, register now!


Exhibition Booth Charges:

Booth Registration Fee: USD $3000/day/booth
Includes an exhibitor card and a buffet lunch each for two representatives.
Additional representative fee: USD $100.

(Optional) Live Open Lecture: USD $1000 for 15 minute presentation
3 places limited.
The on-site speech and presentation will be given to all Chinese agencies participating in the exhibition. Your powerpoint can be played simultaneously.

* The organizing committee reserves the right to determine the sequence and timetable of the lecture, as well as review/accept/decline the submitted topics.
* Please prepare the PowerPoint presentation and submit it to the Organizing Committee prior to October 11, 2019.

(Optional) Representative Appointed by BOSSA: USD $400/day/1 Representative
Institution and organizations unable to send a Mandarin-speaking representative to the event have the option to rent a booth and still meet agents where their appointed representative wil host the meeting on their behalf to collect agent contact information and feedback.

*Deadline Registration: Sept 28th, 2019

Digital Brochure and Media:

Each exhibitor may publish its logo name, introduction (maximum of 300 words), address, telephone, contact name, email website and related information in the event’s digital brochure.

Disclaimer: Exhibitor’s brief introduction shall not contain false words or misleading content and we maintain the right to modify or refuse to publish any content that fails to meet the requirements.

(Optional) Chinese Translation: USD $50
Language of publication shall be based on the version submitted by the exhibitors. If Chinese translation is required, the fee is $50 with a maximum of 300 words.

(Optional) Advertising
1 Full-Page in Digital Brochure:
USD $300
Dimensions are 216 cm x 303 cm.

*All exhibitors must fully design and provide the digital version by themselves, and submit it to the organizing committee prior to Sept 20, 2019.

Exhibitor Publicity Package:

(Optional) Placement of Print Media or Branded Gift in Exhibition Bags:
USD $200 per item
Each exhibitor and local agency will be given a take-home bag that includes promotional material of different participating organizations.

An exhibitor can place their printed information materials or marketing collateral in all bags at a cost of $200. Note the limit is for one item of printed media or one branded gift that fits in the bag easily.

Publicity Video Airtime:

(Optional) Full Day of Airtime for Publicity Video:
USD $300 (one-time fee)
Full day of airtime for publicity video set on a continuous loop, played during the entire exhibition day. The exhibitor is responsible for providing their own video and its contents must be passed by the organizing committee before being played.


To register for this event, please contact Olivia at and at to ensure a prompt reply.


BOSSA, The Beijing Overseas Study Service Association, is an NGO that was founded in 2004. It is directed by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. It is the largest association for the international education industry in Mainland China. Its affiliated association, the China Overseas Study Service Alliance (COSSA), represents all larger-sized agencies outside of Beijing in provinces through out China. Together, BOSSA & COSSA is a national association with 200+ Chinese study abroad agencies, education providers and organizations. The members of these two associations account for the majority of all outbound Chinese student exchanges in the world. The mission of BOSSA & COSSA is to train, guide and evaluate education agencies according to government policies and international industry standards.


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