Annual China VET Education Report Reveals Funding Discrepancies

The Shanghai Education and Science Research Institute and the MyCos Research institute recently jointly released the 7th “China VET Education Quality Annual Report”. It is the first time that a large number of enterprises (over 800) participated in the annual survey, an 88% increase from last year. The report looks closely into VET funding, and found that over 20 provinces have increased their VET budget. However, nearly two thirds of public VET schools have not been provided the funding as outlined in the Central Government’s plan, largely due to local governments being unable to match the subsidies. For example, while VET institutions are required to provide extra financial support to students who are involved in internships, only 72% of them are able to do so, and only 23% percent have actually received the funding from their local government.


Notably, the report mentions a small tier of VET schools that have begun their internationalization journey, with a nearly 50% increase in foreign student numbers, student study/internship abroad numbers and teacher training numbers.


For a full list of the top Chinese VET schools who have made significant steps down their internationalization pathway, please click here.

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