Alumni and Advancement Training Services

CHE and partners offering Alumni and Advancement Training Services to institutions and industry bodies, with a focus on how to engage alumni in the Asia Pacific Region. This training can be conducted face-to-face or online, over a 2 days workshop or over a period of weeks, covering the following modules:

  • Global Trends, Best in Class and Benchmarking
  • Developing Alumni Ambassadors as Agents to Create Impact and Change
  • Evidence-driven performance and design

Additional Modules can be added at your choice, such as:

  • Development of your strategy and execution plan
  • Professional Skills Building:  “Use of Alumni in Research and Storytelling Partnerships”
  • Professional Skills Building:  “Strengthening Community Alliances”
  • Bootcamps for individuals and/or teams
  • Developing  ongoing coaching for individuals or teams

If you wish to receive a sample program of the about the Alumni Engagement CHE’s training package, please contact us .

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