Agents Release Chinese Study Abroad Stats

The NasDaq-listed Chinese education training giant, New Oriental, recently released its 2018 Chinese Study Abroad White Paper. The US continues to be the No. 1 study destination, however students’ willingness to study in the US has declined from 49% to 44%. Meanwhile study in Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore has steadily increased in popularity. Australia experienced a steady increase from 10% in 2016 to 11% in 2017. New Oriental also reported a 20% growth for K-12 students studying in the UK.


JJL, one of the largest student recruitment agents, also indicated in its 2017-18 report that over 54% of their applicants are from 3rd tier cities (or below) across China, while less than 15% applicants are from 1st tier cities. JJL reported that 35% of students consider the US their most preferred study destination, 14% prefer the UK, and 10% prefer Australia and Canada. A total of 34% of students choose business disciplines, and 22% choose STEM courses. Returnee salary surveys show that in the first 3 years, 45% earn less than RMB 6,000 (USD 950) per month, and only 5% are earning above USD 3,000 per month.

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