ACT Cancels Asia’s September Exam

The ACT Asian region September exam has been cancelled, causing problems for students in Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, among other countries in the region. ACT’s official correspondence to students stated that, “ACT has received credible evidence that test materials intended for administration at your test center have been comprised. Unfortunately there is not enough time to assemble and deliver secured test materials to the impacted test centers”. The Chinese media has described it as a “collective funerary” event, and some students who were “transferred” from the SAT (also due to cancellation of exams) had been counting on this exam for early applications to US universities. Although there are no official ACT exams held in mainland China, students take pathway programs at GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) centers, and can usually take the exams there. There have been some suspicions that the leakage stems from GAC centers in China, but others believe it to be a result of organized Korean exam fraudulency companies. No official explanation has been provided by the ACT regarding the source of the leak.

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