A Long Way Home: a COVID-positive Student’s Journey Back to China

IFeng Network reported for the first time in Chinese media on what happens if you receive a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 after entering China. We will share the story here for those who are planning to return to or visit China.

Although China continues to insist on a COVID-zero policy, the decision on the mandatory quarantine periods was actually given to local governments. Quarantine periods can last from 14 days (Shanghai) to 35 days for people with negative test results.

For the first time, Chinese media revealed a detailed recording of what happens if you test positive for COVID-19 after entering China.

A Chinese student received a positive diagnosis after landing in Shanghai. What lay in store for her was 70 days’ hospitalised treatment and mandatory quarantine in different locations, with a total estimated cost of USD$4,700-8,000.

In all the uncertainty surrounding the COVID situation and policies, some sources believe it will take a long time to match the figure of 703,500 students who studied abroad in 2019.

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