60 New International Schools Added in 2019

According to TopSchools, an additional 60 international schools (including bilingual schools) have been added to the K-12 sector, which makes to the total number of K-12 international schools reach 1,168. Unsurprisingly, the East China region contains the highest proportion of the international schools (463), while Southern China and South-East China each have over 100. Even the least developed North-West region now has 41 international schools. Nearly half of the schools are privately owned, another 1/3rd are affiliated with a public school, nearly 90% of them are built to recruit domestic students rather than non-Chinese passport holders. Up to 1/3rd of these schools are set up by Education Groups aiming to establish multiple schools. The total tuition value is estimated to be near US$10billion. The biggest shortage amongst the international schools is human resources: principals, teachers (particular teachers for STEM subjects) and other operators.

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