3 Chinese Scientists Appointed Members of Academia Europaea

The London head-quartered Academy of Europe (also referred to as Academia Europaea) has approved a number of new academic members this year. Amongst the 10 new members are three Chinese scientists receiving this honour: LANG Jianping, Professor of the Material and Chemistry Department of Suzhou University; JIN Shuangyin, Researcher of CAS Shanghai Astronomy and newly appointed Dean of Geography and Remote Sensing School of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and YANG Tong, the Dean of Mathematics of the City University of Hong Kong.


All three scientists have spent significant time abroad for study and research purposes. Prof. LANG has undertaken study and research at Nanjing University, Nagoya University and Harvard University, and owns 2 patents. Prof. JIN Shuanggen has undertaken study and research at UNSW (Australia), UST (Korea) and the University of Texas at Austin’s Centre for Space Research. Prof. YANG Tong has undertaken study and research at UCL and Princeton University. The Academy of Europe has over 20 disciplines in natural science, humanities and social sciences. Currently it has 3,500 members from 63 countries; including 63 Nobel prize and Fields Medal winners. Amongst the more than 100 non-European scientists, there were 11 Chinese scientists who were members prior to 2018.

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