27 Joint Programs Approved by MoE

Twenty-seven joint programs, including twenty-four at the Undergraduate level and three at the Master’s level, were approved by the MoE in the first half of 2017. Seven of them are located in Henan province, an under-developed inland province where many joint programs have previously failed. The vast majority of the programs are in STEM disciplines, with a few exceptions across the arts and languages fields. The Chinese universities involved include 2nd tier universities such as Zhengzhou University and Beijing S&T University, as well as lesser-known universities such as Yanbian University and Changchun Normal University, of which three are independent institutes. The US still takes the lead position with seven joint-programs involving US institutions. Other programs include universities from Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Korea, and Europe. Notably, there are five European programs established with universities from Finland, Spain, Italy and Poland.


For the full list of joint programs approved by the MoE in the first half of 2017, please click here.

For the full list of all joint programs approved by the MoE, please click here.

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