21st Century English Summer Camp Promotion Opportunities

21st Century English is the most influential brand in English language competition in China. It also organizes summer camps in five major regions (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian and Inner Mongolia). Each event is designated for different age groups which create a unique opportunity for on-site promotion as well as general brand exposure.

Promotion Opportunities & Fees:

  • One page of promo flyer inserted into the summer camp’s existing booklet:
    • USD2,080+ (reaching out to all 1,000+participates)

    Onsite Info Session | Rotated Screening:

    • USD1,040+(it can be arranged for one or multiple camps – each contains approx. 70-350 participants per camp).

Suitable for:

  • Bilingual / International Schools in China
  • Schools outside of China
  • International summer camp provider and short-term study provider
  • Destination service providers and government organizations


For more details regarding the events (dates, suitable age groups, etc.) please contact info@chinahighereducation.org and olivia@chinahighereducation.org



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