2020 Spring Undergraduate Tour

Undergraduate Recruitment

12th – 24th April 2020 | 20th – 24th April 2020

CHE and partners are offering a great direct recruitment opportunity to institutions wishing to build long-lasting connections with Chinese high school students by coming to China and visiting their schools directly.

Institutions will travel to cities in China and receive the opportunity to engage with 2,000+ students.

The tour incorporates a variety of events – all events are interactive, engaging and fun – from both the student’s and university’s angle. Participants will receive the full student attendee’s lists (from all activities) for post-tour follow-up.


Workshops and Agent Meetings


Contacts of students and counselors


Students Engaged


School Visit


Across the two tours:

  • Direct access to 16+ Chinese high-school campuses;
  • Visit the top 3 international schools/program in each city;
  • Small delegations (up to 25 universities);
  • Meet with local recruitment agents;
  • Promotional benefits;
  • Contact information of all participants;

Marketing to High School Students

If you are interested in marketing directly to Chinese high school students, please click here to find out more about how we can help.

Tour Option A:

12th – 24th April
Hefei  –  Nanchang  –  Changsha – Xiamen – Guangzhou – Kunming

Tour Option B:

20th – 24th April
Xiamen  –  Guangzhou  –  Kunming

16+ schools across the two tours.
The names of schools will be released one month before the tour.
Names of schools from previous tours are available upon request.

USD $11,900 for  Tour Option A
USD $6,350 for Tour Option B

USD $12,200 for Tour Option A
USD $6,500 for Tour Option B

These fees exclude accommodation and intercity travel.
All flights/accommodation can be arranged at cost if you are arranging them through us.
Local interpreters and representatives (local or expat) can be arranged at an additional fee.

Please note that agents (defined as any individual or organization that refers students and receives commission) are not able to join this tour. Participating institutions can send their own staff from overseas, engage one of their alumni as a participant or hire a local representative.

Payment Options are available below.


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If you have any questions, please contact Olivia at olivia@chinahighereducation.org and cc info@chinahighereducation.org to ensure a speedy response.

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