2020 H1 Studying Abroad White Paper Released

EIC, JJP and New Oriental released their 2020 H1 White Paper in June/July. 

EIC survey indicated 15% of students plan to defer their study for half a year, and 11% plan to defer for one year; 16% are unsure whether or not that their study abroad plan will go head, and only 27% are confident that the pandemic will not impact their study abroad plan. The New Oriental White Paper found the percentage of parents with study abroad experience had a 40% annual increase, from 5.3% five years ago to 9.3% in 2020; only 11% of students are studying abroad with an immigration intention, a 7% annual decrease compared to 2015. 73% of students and parents are advocators of studying abroad based on their own experiences. JJL believes the current undergraduate students in China will be the biggest cohort for study abroad in 2020. JJL’s White Paper also pointed out that an average Chinese student sends 88 WeChat messages a day; 62% of the returnees surveyed are earning less than RMB100,000 a year (US$14,300).

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