2020 Fall Undergraduate Tour

2020 Fall Undergraduate

18th – 30th Oct 2020

Qingdao – Zhengzhou – Xi’an – Chongqing/Chengdu – Hangzhou – Ningbo

CHE and partners are offering a great direct recruitment opportunity to institutions wishing to build long-lasting connections with Chinese high school students by coming to China and visiting their schools directly.

The tour incorporates a variety of events – all events are interactive, engaging and fun – from both the student’s and university’s angle. Participants will receive the full student attendee’s lists (from all activities) for post-tour follow-up.


Workshops and Agent Meetings


High School Counselors Connected


Students Engaged


School Visits

Draft literary

10/18SundayQingdaoArrival Orientation
10/19MondayQingdaoSunrise Workshop
School Visit
10/20TuesdayQingdaoSchool Visit
School Visit
10/21WednesdayZhengzhouSchool Visit
School Visit
10/22ThursdayZhengzhouAgent Meeting
School Visit
10/23FridayXi’anSchool Visit
School Visit
Agent Meeting
School Visit
School Visit
School Visit
10/28WednesdayHangzhouAgent Meeting
School Visit
10/29ThursdayHangzhouSchool Visit
School Visit
10/30FridayNingboSchool Visit
School Visit

 Events Arrangements: Includes all activities on the trip: school visits, agency meetings, Sunrise workshops, counselor receptions, and optional trips (check each tour itinerary for details).
On-trip Transportation: Includes clean and comfortable buses and prepaid taxi services when necessary to get to and from our events each day.
Staff Services: 24/7 staff services (e.g. recommend/arrange your personal outings on tours; on-site translation for agent meetings when necessary, etc.)
Content Localization and Design:To maximize the engagement for each visit, we will translate the latest information (provided by your school) into Chinese to introduce your school and highlight the program(s) you want to promote. We will have this designed into an information card, which will be handed over to students and parents to learn about your school before you meet them. Sunrise will also translate and design a portable table-stand and a panda toy for your school to increase interactiveness at each school visit.

 Data Collection:
At each fair, our goal is for you to chat and engage with students rather than spend time taking notes on every single student that passes your booth. Therefore, we gather information from participating students(their name, school, grade, email, language score, etc) and have it sent over to you within 10 days after the tour finishes.
 Tour Review, Pictures, and Recap Video: We will upload and provide you tour pictures, tour review, and a recap video within 2 weeks after the tour finishes.

Meal Snacks:
Sunrise will cover welcome and farewell dinners at the beginning and end of the trip. In addition, we will also provide meals when we have a particularly busy day or if we’re in a suburban area with fewer dining choices. We will always have snacks and water on the bus.
VR Campus Tour: As a special feature, we will upload the 360 VR campus tours for tour participating universities to Campus 360 for free and
 provide two cardboard 360 VR goggles
 All prices exclude China transportation and hotels. We offer a separated travel and hotel booking select your preference on the registration form.


  • USD $11,500 Full Tour
  • USD $6,500 Half Tour


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If you have any questions, please contact olivia@chinahighereducation.org and info@chinahighereducation.org


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