2020 Boutique K-12 Recruitment Fair

Organizer: iEduChina

Each Boutique Recruitment Fair will be in a hotel in each city. iEduChina, a key player in the K-12 sector, draws 300+ students and their families looking to attend International schools in China and abroad. Exhibiters will receive pre-promotion throughout the network.

ShenzhenMarch 7th (Sat), June 28th (Sun), Nov 7th (Sat)
Beijing March 28th (Sat), Oct 31st (Sat)
ShanghaiApril 11th (Sat)
Guangzhou May 16th (Sat)
ChengduSpring and Fall (Date tbc)
Dongguang Spring (Date tbc)
NanjingDate tbc
QingdaoDate tbc
HangzhouDate tbc

Limited booths available, please register ASAP to secure your positions. 


One fair:USD $2,475 (fair only)
USD $3,795 (includes presentation)
Two fairs:USD $4,700 (USD $2,350 each at 5% discount, fair only)
USD $1,250 additional per presentation
Three fairs:USD $6,660 (USD $2,220 each at 10% discount, fair only)
USD $1,150 additional per presentation

*A discount is available if the attending school/institution is willing to sign a commission arrangement with the organizer.


To register for this event, please fill out the following registration form. If you have any other questions, please email Olivia at olivia@chinahighereducation.org.


Shenzhen (March)Beijing (March)Shanghai (April)Guangzhou (May)Shenzhen (June)Beijing (October)Shenzhen (November)

Your Home-Country Staff (Will Fly In to China)Your China-based University RepresentativeOther

Local Interpreter neededLocal representation needed (Expat/Chinese)Other logistical support neededOther

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