2019 Trends for Chinese Students Studying Abroad Released

New Oriental, EIC and other large study-abroad agencies have released their annual reports on trends and statuses for Chinese students studying abroad.


New Oriental (Qian Cheng) believes there is a trend of “dispersing” study destinations due to several factors. These include more “non-traditional” study destinations offering more options for studying in English, and more students choosing to study in 2nd or even 3rd tier cities due to the attraction of cheaper living expenses. In particular, the agency predicted the increase in students studying in Japan, Singapore and Holland. Currently, there are over 110,000 Chinese students studying in Japan, 50,000 in Singapore, and 40,000 in Holland.


EIC’s survey report showed that the UK has become the number one preferred study destination, overtaking the US. Also, for the first time “seeking better job opportunities” has surpassed the traditional study abroad objective of “obtaining an overseas qualification”.  Over 50% of students indicated their various concerns in job/career choice related questions, while only 16% indicated their concerns in immigration opportunities. The report also revealed the decrease in Chinese students choosing to study abroad in the disciplines of Business (-7%), Social Science (-3%) and Medicine (-2%). In contrast, there were increases in STEM (+10%), Humanities (+5%) and Arts (+3%).

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